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How much CBD should I consume, CBD dose chart, CBD dosage guide for all cbd products for sale.


How much CBD should I consume?

Since CBD affects everyone differently, because we all have different metabolism, bodies and body weight, as well as the needs and conditions we are trying to alleviate. There is not a standard CBD dose but we are going to help you find the right CBD dose for you to enjoy all the benefits CBD has to offer. If you are not taking the proper dose, you may not be able to achieve the expected results.

If you are new to CBD, the numbers  below can be a starting point to help you find your proper CBD dosage according to your needs and/or bodyweight.

We also recommend taking the CBD dose indicated in each Legalizing CBD product to start with and see how you feel before increasing the dose, if necessary. The dose indicated in every Legalizing CBD product is the lower / standard CBD dose. 

The following data is referential,

In this CBD Chart, you can find the regular CBD dose according to the following needs. (relax, all day calm, better sleep)

CBD dose chat, CBD dosage guide for all cbd products for sale. how much CBD consume.
In this CBD Chart, you can find the CBD dose recommended according to your bodyweight in Micro, Standard and Macro CBD doses per day.
  • Micro dose: to take a very small CBD dose
  • Standard dose: the standard CBD dose recommended to be taken 
  • Macro dose: to take more than the standard CBD dose
How much CBD consume according to body weight, cbd micro dose, cbd standard dose, cbd macro dose.

Follow these 5 general rules to better enjoy the benefits of your Legalizing CBD products.

1.- We are all different,


Your genetic makeup, weight, age, and metabolism can influence the most effective recommended dose of CBD. Dosage amounts vary widely, weight is often a primary determinant in calculating the correct dose, followed by the condition you are trying to alleviate.

2. Start small and build up slowly,

CBD is safe even in high doses, but start small and go slow. Start with a low dose for 2 weeks and then increase it if you haven't  reach the desired effect

3.- When dealing with a problem, stay consistent,
The amount of CBD you take could also depend on what you are trying to alleviate. If you use a particular CBD dose, stick to the same dose every day for a week before increasing it. This will allow your endocannabinoid system to adapt to your CBD intake. We have found that the best way is to take a small but consistent dose over the long term.

4. Less can be more,


When it comes to CBD dosages, more is not necessarily better. Sometimes taking too much CBD is actually less effective for some people. Note: If you are using an isolated CBD oil product, you may need to increase your dose by 3-5x to obtain the same results as with a full spectrum CBD oil product.

5. Practice and patience, 


As with other supplements, your ideal dose of CBD can change over time. There are two reasons why your ideal dose of CBD can fluctuate.
a) You need less CBD because you have given your ECS (endocannabinoid system) the boost it needed. Your body's balancing system can now function optimally, without the need for high doses of CBD to supplement it.
b) You may need more CBD because CBD is now balancing the ECS at a deeper level, fixing imbalances that you may not have been aware of before. Whether you increase or decrease your dose, the important thing is to be patient with your body and pay attention to what it needs.

Pay attention to your body and how it responds, then adjust the dosage accordingly.
You have to understand that this process may seem intimidating, but it is no different than the protocol for any other supplement.
Just like you would with a new prescription, take note of how the CBD is making you feel and report any positive progress or adverse side effects to your doctor.
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CBD Dose guide. CBD free dose chart for all cbd products for sale.