What Is CBD Oil

What IS CBD Oil?

Understanding the Value of CBD Tinctures.

What IS CBD oil? The question might linger, but at this point, the CBD industry is booming like it never has before. As more and more shoppers come to realize the beneficial power behind cannabidiol (CBD), even more people are curious as to the efficacy of the compound. Today, we want to explore the benefits and advantages that CBD Oil can provide when sourced from our ethical team of sustainable producers at Legalizing CBD!

Advantages of CBD Oil by Legalizing CBD

While the THC compound makes headlines for its psychoactive effects, CBD continues to be a natural remedy source for people from all backgrounds. CBD is revered for its pain-relieving properties and cannabidiol oil is one of the most potent and powerful ways to supply these properties to your body.

Here at Legalizing CBD, we carry a wide range of full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate. We are currently proud to offer CBD tinctures for every level of your day:


  • Sleep Formulation - This full-spectrum CBD tincture contains lavender, melatonin, and MCT oil to provide the best sleep formulation on the CBD market.

  • Energy Boost - Full-spectrum CBD oil combines with modest doses of MCT oil and caffeine for an energizing solution that keeps you focused. Terpenes, natural lemon oil, and caffeine work together to create a truly energizing experience.

Legalizing CBD is a family-owned and family-operated shop located here on the Rainbow Island of Oahu, HI! We founded our business intending to provide our clients with access to the best premium CBD products on the market, sourced by and from ethical and environmentally responsible sources. When you shop at Legalizing CBD, we want you to have a wondrous experience not just today, but every time that you return.

Seize the day and improve your life through the power of CBD oil and assorted CBD products!